An engine light tends to be an unpleasant surprise in your Range Rover. Your vehicle might be telling you something is wrong – or something will be going wrong soon. We will discuss Range Rover’s check engine light tendencies and what to do if you see it come on.

What does the check engine light mean on a Range Rover?

The check engine light is based on a combination of sensors and timers. If the vehicle senses any of a wide variety of issues, it’ll pop on to generally warn you to get your vehicle serviced soon. The same light can come on for anything from overdue oil changes to problems with an air sensor.

How do I learn what a check engine light is all about?

There are a handful of tried and true ways to know the source of a check engine light. The first is a code reader. A code reader plugs into a port on the vehicle and gets a code which indicates what the problem could be. This is helpful in letting our technicians know where to look for a problem.

Another solution is to use your eyes, ears, nose – and of course the scheduled maintenance requirements. If anything is seriously overdue, it’s a good indicator of what might be worn out. Our technicians can often tell by hearing and seeing our Range Rover what is happening – and use the code reader to confirm.

Can I fix a check engine light on my own?

If the problem is as simple as a gas cap being too loose – you could. Sometimes check engine lights aren’t simple though and you could be chasing an issue around your vehicle in your garage. Instead, come to us and let people who are around Range Rovers constantly take a look at your vehicle.

What are common issues which produce a check engine light on a Range Rover?

Just to name a few common problems: Any number of sensors from a mass airflow reader to emissions control could be going bad. The good news about a Ranger Rover check engine light? If your vehicle is still running well, the check engine light can help you sniff down a potentially costly and time-consuming repair before it becomes worse.

In case you were wondering, the engine light can indeed be a false alarm in some cases. We wouldn’t couldn’t on it though, and if you see one, bring it in for inspection.


Between code readers and good senses for the Range Rover, our team will hunt down the reason for the glowing engine light on your dashboard. We’ll confirm issues before diving in so we can get you on the road faster and safer. We also offer shuttle service and rentals for your convenience.